The journey to build a career and earn a living within tattooing started for Luke in 2014 whilst living on the Gold Coast in tropical Queensland during one of his moves away from Sydney to enjoy the surf, sunshine and find a new life direction. He was fortunate to find himself a position as an apprentice at the well known first tattoo studio of the Gold Coast which is Borderline Tattoos based at Burleigh Heads. The next opportunity found him returning to Sydney working as a professional Tattooist at the popular studio Kaleidoscope Tattoo located in Bondi. After this he moved on to progress even further at another well known studio Little Tokyo Temple of Art in Hibernia Building in Surry Hills. An absolute passion and constant need to be expressively creative keeps him motivated to continuously produce the highest level of quality within design and technique. In 2020 Luke as a co-owner has opened his own custom, private, appointment only boutique style studio - Black Amber, located in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on well known Oxford Street in the desirable and popular suburb of Paddington, just minutes from the city centre cbd.

Luke maintains his focus and dedication to be at his best and constantly progress whether it be his tattooing or artwork on paper which are often available for purchase as Giclée prints. Other main interests include fitness, bicycle and motorcycle riding and surfing where he can usually be found on the Northern Beaches of Sydney otherwise most likely Bali / Indonesia which has become like a second home travelling too and from the island at every chance over the past 12 years where he finds the most creative inspiration. Travelling Southeast Asia and experiencing these cultures has been the biggest influence on developing Luke's style which he refers to as Ornament Dotwork and includes his interpretation of mandala, mehndi, pattern, dot shading or linework only designs, blackwork, cultural masks, flowers and ornamental floral subjects. Specialising only in custom designs made exclusively for each individual means you will have a very unique one of a kind work of art permanently decorated on your body. Every tattoo is made with longevity being a high priority along with strategic planning of placement and composition to flow with your actual shape and size so you can enjoy wearing your new tattoo for your lifetime. For more inspiration and examples of completed, in progress, fresh and healed images and videos just click the follow page and select the Instagram option or find his profile @lukemanche.tattoo

Most tattoo requests for Luke are ongoing larger scale, however he is also happy to consider smaller individual pieces too. For all requests and to discuss your next project, whether it be your first tattoo experience or adding to your collection simply send an email to [email protected] to start the process. Bookings are made for one client only on each day so you have his full attention in a calm and relaxed environment. Black Amber being a small quiet studio creates a very comfortable environment where you will feel at home in a very chill atmosphere. The studio has an antique feel and organic theme with a modern vibe nestled privately upstairs on level 1. Luke takes great pride in his craft and is extremely appreciative and grateful for everyone who shows interest and supports his work within his chosen profession.



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